Beach Sunset


Family Portraits At Sunset With Geoff Fisher

South Beach Sunset, Fremantle Western Australia

Family? Portraits? What do these words mean to you? I know from personal experience that really good photographs of family and friends bring a lot of joy. Over the years I’ve photographed thousands of people including children and their pets. It’s always a joy to behold their first view of their images on the big screen at the purchasing appointment. And it’s especially joyful when a teenager can say “yes I like my photo”. And the portrait sessions with grandparents – Quite often I hear that the photos were the best they’d ever had and their final family event. I always ask that families take advantage of their older generations’ good health to have a multi generational portrait session whilst it’s still possible – Best done when the grandparents are still active. It came as a shock to me when I realised after all these years of photographing families, that I didn’t have a good professional photo with my parents. And my grandparents were basically just lost in the past. Even though we think we’ve got it covered with phone cameras, it’s not the same as a good framed print which makes it ‘real’. Our expertise at Fisher Photography is in family portrait sessions around Perth that are an enjoyable experience as well as creating lasting memories.  (Geoff Fisher)